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In May 2008, the Lutheran Society for Missiology (LSFM) with the assistance of the Center for Hispanic Studies used its journal, Missio Apostolica, to call attention to the Lutheran strategies in mission and ministry being used to share the Good News of Jesus with Hispanic immigrants in the US.  This issue of the journal was of particular importance to the history of LSFM because the articles drew on the experience of Hispanic pastors and missionaries and people directly involved in mission to Hispanics, and as a result, all of the articles were published in Spanish with an English summary or vice versa.  Dr. Leo Sanchez, Director of the Center for Hispanic Studies at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, played a leading role in establishing the agenda, assembling and encouraging the team of writers, and organizing the staff to see the articles through to publication.

Although the pace of Hispanic and particularly Mexican immigration has slowed somewhat in recent years (“Mexican Immigration to U.S. Slowed Significantly, Report Says,” New York Times, April 23, 2012), nevertheless, the Mexican immigrant population makes up approximately 30% of the 40 million foreign-born immigrants that have come to the US since 1970.  This Mexican population alone forms the largest immigrant population anywhere in the world.  Since Hispanics, like virtually every other immigrant group before them, largely have come to the US in search of economic opportunity, Christian outreach to Hispanic people—not passive waiting for them to find the life of the church—is critically important.  This issue of Missio Apostolica suggests approaches to Hispanic outreach consistent with Lutheran doctrine and practice.

Over time, additional issues of Missio Apostolica will appear on this site as a part of its commitment to put all back issues online.  Given the importance of the subject matter, the Lutheran Society for Missiology is proud to begin the process with the posting of this May 2008 issue of Missio Apostolica.

Please download the PDF file using the link below:

MA 5-08 Special CHS issue 2012


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